Thank you for your courage to look for hope, empowerment, and personal growth.  Today you can feel good about taking the first step towards positive change and well-being. Recently, you may have felt stuck in past negative events or thoughts; felt overwhelmed by current personal situations; or hampered by feelings of low-self esteem.  These are just a few negative feelings that can affect us during our lives. As we all face these challenges, and sometimes more difficult ones, we also have the ability within ourselves to heal.


My job in your journey of healing is to be an open, compassionate, non-judgmental, and deeply listening guide to partner with you to find your inner wisdom, inspiration, and personal strengths to move forward in your life in the most positive way. I serve those who may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, decreased attention/concentration, and symptoms of trauma through an active, mindfulness based cognitive behavioral and somatic lens.


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Elizabeth McCarthy, LCPC, RYT

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Registered Yoga Teacher


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